50 Before 50 Bucket List

We all have hopes and dreams, big and little. Whether its to travel the World, become a parent, to live happy & healthy or to simply wish ‘THAT DRESS’ was in my size. Some goals may not be achievable for more reasons then one but we can give it a blooming good try. This life is only lived once so make sure its special. 

Make memories everyday, laugh, smile & pursue those wishes.

I love lists, I love (what I feel are) achievable challenges. I love setting goals so I made myself a bucket list. 50 things I want to do before i’m 50. I wrote it when I had my son at the age of 30 (I am now 32). 20 years where i’m expecting to have a child in tow, a tight budget & limited spare time! There are a mixture of little activities and a fewer bigger more expensive trips of a lifetime. My husband & I have also created a mini list of places & adventures we would like to do with our son – I will save that for another post!

Travel isn’t really my thing, in fact it’s often when my anxiety is at its highest and I have cancelled many days out, trips and holidays in the past. There are however places in the world I would love to see & sometimes you have to venture outside your comfort zone and push those boundaries.

Here is my 50 by 50 which I will document along the way. I would love to hear what would be on your list.

  1. Iceland
  2. Venice
  3. Greece
  4. Disney World
  5. Wales
  6. Norway
  7. Scottish Highlands
  8. Cornwall
  9. Peak District
  10. New York
  11. Lapland
  12. Kew Gardens
  13. Eden Project
  14. Highclere Castle (Home of Downton Abbey)
  15. BB Bakery Afternoon Tea Bus Tour
  16. Alice & Wonderland Afternoon Tea at the Sanderson Hotel London
  17. Beauty and the Beast Afternoon Tea at The Kensington Hotel London
  18. Lunch at the Disney Cafe in Harrods
  19. Eat cake at Peggy Porschen’s Cafe in London
  20. Learn to surf
  21. Have an overnight spa break (Preferably at Centre Parcs Spa!)
  22. Go White Water Rafting
  23. Have a Ski Lesson
  24. Go Whale Watching
  25. RUN a 5k
  26. Renew our Wedding Vows (10/15 or 20 years)
  27. Go on a Jet Ski
  28. Go to a Casino
  29. Host a dinner party
  30. Go Fruit Picking
  31. Send a message in a bottle
  32. Go to a traditional Christmas Panto
  33. Attend a Ball
  34. Do a Cookery course/class
  35. Play a round of golf
  36. Read all the Harry Potter Books
  37. Go on the London City Bus tour
  38. Go to a trampoline city/jump street
  39. Play Top Golf
  40. Go Water Skiing
  41. Go Laser Shooting
  42. Travel First Class
  43. Do a cocktail making class
  44. Go to a drive in movie
  45. Stand under a waterfall
  46. Spend a day in a beach hut
  47. Go on a Cruise Ship
  48. Swim with Dolphins
  49. Play Foot Golf
  50. Complete Rory’s mini bucket list (to follow in another post!)


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